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T. anopthalmus is colloquially known as the Blind Velvet Worm. It is found in Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia. The reason for their name is that they lack eyes. It has an unusual appearance due to the fact that its body, with the exception of its claws and jaws, is entirely white. They are classified as endangered species due to habitat destruction.
It can measure up to 50mm lengthwise when it is in motion, or 25-30mm when it is in a static position. Like other onychophorans, T. anopthalmus is confined to a very small microhabitat, usually a rotting eucalyptus tree log. They are nocturnal and carnivorous.
Their reproductive habits are not very well studied, but it is believed that they reach sexual maturity at the age of one, and a female can give birth up to 20 young at one time.


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