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Ooperipatellus cryptus are very hard to locate. They are mostly found in the southern portion of the Christmas Hills west of Smithton and the Dial Range area south of Penguin in Tasmania and Australia. They live in the wet, shady forest, shelters in leaf litter and rotting logs. They are usually 12 mm long. When they are disturbed while a juvenile, they will curl into a spiral which rolls away out of sight.
The female O. cryptus contains an ovary with additional pouches, uteri, and a vagina. The ovary is made up of paired ovarian tubes. Fertilization presumably occurs in the oviducts and pass through the receptaculum seminis. This is usually found in the juvenile stage but it is recently reported that it occurs in adult females as well. This worm’s uteri also have increasing secretory production which contributes to chorion development. Cilia assist in the transport of eggs toward the vagina.


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